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4 of the Worst Computer Viruses Ever

Hopefully a computer virus is never an issue that you’ll deal with, however, if such an incident occurs, let’s hope it isn’t as destructive as the four computer virus listed below. While you’ll always find help from professional computer repair harrisburg pa experts if your PC is infected with a virus, some are worse than others and are more difficult, sometimes impossible to remove. The four worst computer viruses ever:

1.    Stuxnet: Arriving in 2009 and resolved in 2010, Stuxnet was the first virus that was used virtually to cause real life damage. It targeted software that damaged machinery, particularly a Natanz, Iran uranium enrichment facility. It is suspected the virus caused centrifuges to self-destruct.

2.    Zeus: In 2007, Zeus malware become a popular tool for cyber criminals. Sadly, even 10+ years later, this virus is oftentimes sold on the dark web. This software steals passwords and files, making it possible to steal identities.

3.    Poison Ivy: A 2005 virus by the name of Poison Ivy is a malware-like software that allows the perpetuate access to the user’s computer and programs. Once installed the perp can control the computer’s ever move, record or even use the speakers and webcam.

4.    I Love You: Seems like a nice, innocent email but in 2001, people who opened an email with these three words to see who their admirer was learned quickly that it was anything but. The malicious program overwrote all of the files on the infected computer, the virus automatically emailed itself to the first 50 contacts in the user’s address book and caused a rash of other problems.

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These are four terrible viruses the world has seen thus far, and who knows what else is in store? If you suspect a virus, it is imperative to protect yourself and your family and call for computer repair Harrisburg PA immediately. There is so much at-risk when your computer is infected with a virus and you do not want to compromise any of it for a second. Computer experts can safely and quickly remove a virus before it becomes a major threat.