Posted by Cooper
Some Notes on How to Get Rid of Mice

When you have mice infesting your home, they can make the house messy and spread disease. What is more is the fact that they also attract other pests with their wastes and with their dead. That is actually something that happens. Mice tend to make their homes in your home walls and, when one or a few of them die, the roaches and beetles come to eat them up.

Sure, this all sounds really gross but it is what happens and you do need to keep the mouse populations out of your home with just about anything you think you can do. At the same time, taking the easy way out with the toxins of the typical kind or those that the exterminator brings is not the best choice. Remember that these are poisons being used and they can poison you, your pets, and your kids.

With this in mind, you will want to learn how to get rid of mice in a natural way. The very first step to this is to keep your house clean. Clean every single corner completely at least once a week. Leave no places for them to hide and this means not only open cereal boxes but also cardboard boxes of items left out instead of unpacked.

If you had mice in your previous home, it is a probability that some of them may have tagged along in your boxes of items. Keeping the house clean and food put away in air-tight containers is a great move in the right direction.

how to get rid of mice

Next, you will need to trap them and repel them. This means using some humane traps that won’t kill them. Pets can easily hurt themselves on other traps. If you are non-violent and don’t want to use the typical mouse traps either, then just use the humane traps alone.

The problem with this is it is not the best way to clear a mouse infestation. First, keep them away using onions and even peppermint oil. Mice just do not like the smells. With the onions, don’t use with pets around and pick them up before they spoil. Peppermint oil is spread about freely in all the dark spots they can hide or go to.